My night walk that I took to get a pack of menthol cigarettes that I don’t smoke turned into a night hike, I listened to Odesza (Say My Name feat. Zyra was one I played on repeat, it’s a great song I highly recommend you listen to it) I smoked and stargazed and looked out on the city that I’m leaving behind for California. Nostalgia. Excitement and sadness make for an odd (but surprisingly good) combination.

One part of me is adventurous and spontaneous and makes snap decisions to move to California to do something big. The other part overthinks everything and wonders if that’s really what’s best for me. Seeing all my friends move on without me and continue their lives and change and become new individuals scares me. I feel like I’m getting left behind in the dust when I’m the one that’s actually leaving

Found this video on my phone after a night of heavy drinking

Im actually extremely nervous to move. I lt took me such a long time to make friends and I’m just starting to feel like I fit in here. I’m also really excited to make new friends at the same time, I just hope it doesn’t take 6 years again